Archive - Jun 14, 2008


I can't die young, that time is past
this birthday tells me so.
Now four-score years, I must admit
that eighty years is old.

I can't die young, I'll have to face
that youthfulness is gone
They'll say she lived a good long life
it's time to move along.

I won't die young, turn back the clock,
I'll die mature instead
What that time comes, I'll take my leave
--now much to do ahead.

--Dorothy Purrier Bodwell, 1922-2007


The best tribute to Tim Russert came from a fellow journalist who said that the deceased host of Meet the Press is now up in heaven saying, "But Lord, you clearly stated in Exodus 6:14..."


Today, Dad and I drove to Hawley for the graveside service for Cousin Dorothy. Cousin Dorothy died last fall in California at age 86, only 10 days after learning she had inoperable cancer. She wanted her ashes to be buried in the family plot in Hawley. She was Aunt Olla's oldest niece.