Archive - Jun 25, 2008

Happiness is...

...a late night one-run game on the coast. The Twins lead San Diego 1-0. It is late in the evening of a hot summer day. This is what I look forward to in the depths of winter.

Boston street lady

Deduct the trip?

Culvert on Battle Road

The British soldiers didn't have to go through this culvert on their way back to Boston from Concord. However, in a concession to modern roads, Battle Road passes under a busy highway through this culvert.

Hawley, Detroit Lakes

Headed down to Hawley today to entertain at the Senior Living Center. When I got there, it was obvious that it was the nursing home.

What a lively bunch! I have never had more fun with a nursing home audience. They laughed and joked. I played and sang and then told some stories. They responded well.