Archive - Jun 2008

June 11th

Twins in a swoon, and other notes

My satellite dish has gone kaflooey with all the funny weather, and I am just not repairing it. The Twins are acting like a last-place team all of a sudden, and I can't bear to watch.

Other notes:

•The wierd weather continues. Today, we are getting pummeled by a rainstorm combined with wind. It is also quite cold. I wouldn't mind the cool weather but for the need to get some "heat units" as they are now called to get the crops and the flowers moving.

June 9th

Floating heads

I went to the Hilton this morning. Aunt Olla was in good spirits, but for the first time ever, she was struggling with reality. Her medications were making her see things. While I was there, she saw several floating heads go by. Olla was in good enough spirits to enjoy the scenery, but it was somewhat disturbing to me.

Olla said she has been seeing things for three days. Although she was trying to enjoy the psychedelics of it all, I could tell it was somewhat disturbing to her. She had spent the entire morning painting chairs red and green in an enormous empty room.


The finches are at the feeder, but they are showing a weird propensity to avoid the thistle seed, usually their favorite, and feast on the sunflower. Neighbor Paul reports the same phenomenon. 


June 8th

New phase

National politics are moving into a new phase with Obama clinching the nomination. It will be interesting to see if Obama and McCain can keep things on a gentlemanly plane.

There are a lot of criticisms of Obama, some quite unhinged. I prefer the reasoned criticisms of good old George Will. He keeps his head on his shoulders.

June 6th

Visit to the Hilton

I went in today to see how Aunt Olla is doing. She was in bed "because they are mopping the floor and I might slip," she claimed. Talking to her, however, I kind of think she needs to be in bed, at least for a while.

We had a nice visit. However, she is still in a tizzy about this family history stuff. Near the Bergeson home farm in Twin Valley were the Ericksons, whom Olla regards as the "aristocrats of Home Lake township." Olla's oldest brother Roy married an Erickson girl, so we are connected. And the Ericksons are having a family reunion this summer.

June 5th

Day after

June 4th

Hrbek declines

The publisher of the Halstad book has been trying to get famous people to read the book and give a blurb. As one would expect, not everybody is open to such a proposition.

He tried to get Kent Hrbek to comment, and Hrbek finally got back to him this week, saying something to the effect that, "I haven't read a book since grade school, and I don't think I can face starting one now."


Sounds like Herbie.

Summer cold

It is summer, but it is still cold. And, to top it off, I caught a cold. A summer cold.

This morning, I spoke in Hawley at a Healthy Living conference. It was a fun audience. I got there and found out that I was supposed to speak on healthy living. I followed a doctor who was talking about colonoscopies and stool samples. So, it wasn't difficult to raise the level of discussion.

June 3rd

Obama clinches

It is very gratifying to me that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. Tonight's speeches were a study in contrasts. McCain's speech was a bit wierd, and not really effective. Clinton's was graceless, clueless and relentless. Obama's was soaring and graceful.