Archive - Jul 2008

July 30th


So far, the McCain campaign's only strategy seems to be to mock Obama. In fact, even Dana Milbank of the Washington Post mocks Obama today for...being popular. Granted, Obama is very willing to ride the wave of popularity, and his campaign is able to exploit it, but what else is he or they supposed to do?

Dead weight

The Twins have to get rid of some of the dead weight on their team, namely Livan Hernandez (who I like, but who just isn't needed when the Twins have better starters at AAA) and Boof Bonser. The two corpulent pitchers are occupying more bench space than the Twins can afford right now. Both should go.

In addition, Mike Lamb is taking up space on the bench which could be better used by somebody else. The Twins just don't need three third basemen.


Due to the late season, some things are blooming at the same time as things they usually don't bloom at the same time as. Or something like that. In the late evening sun, the perennial bed comes to life.

July 29th


Nice game tonight! The Twins come back from 4-0 deficit to win 6-5. They are firing on all cylinders right now. Justin Morneau is really in a groove. He has obviously taken over as team leader.

Gomez came back tonight with three hits after his injury. He looks more comfortable right now than he did a week ago.

Man, it is nice to beat the White Sox.


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July 28th

Big Bog in the news

Brad Dokken of the Grand Forks Herald writes an excellent article about the Big Bog, featured here last week.

July 26th

Biting my tongue

I have been dealing with the public the past couple of days, answering the phone, answering questions, so on.

A call just came from a woman whose perennials aren't doing well. She was convinced that I was going to fight her on every count. Her first job, she thought, was to prove that she bought them from us.

"I bought them at that stand you have at Maple Lake. I know you've had that stand there every year for years."

Darn, no longer could I deny that we've had a stand at Maple Lake.

July 25th

Herald article

Friends and weblog readers Barb and Chuck are featured in today's Grand Forks Herald. Good work, Chuck and Barb!

July 24th

Random Commentary

•I am not sure what the strategy is in the Obama campaign, but this mid-campaign European tour seems a little odd to me. Just what does it prove?

•The Twins played their last three games in old Yankee Stadium, losing all three. The loss of old Yankee Stadium is really no loss. It was stripped of charm in the 1972 renovation. It really is a rat-hole. Good riddance. I look forward to visiting the new stadium.