Archive - Aug 2008

August 30th


Old time scene

Looking east from the grounds at Rollag was a beautiful scene that could bring back memories for some. I find the scenery around Rollag to be the most beautiful in the world. I remember six years ago when I came home from a month in Europe. A couple of days later I drove through Rollag and thought, nothing in Europe matches this. (The rural areas of northern Italy are a possible exception.)

Pahlin, etc.

McCain's pick for Vice President is certainly interesting. I don't know how Pahlin will survive the avalanche of scrutiny about to land on her. Alaska politics is apparently a rough and tumble affair, and Pahlin has played the game. Some of that stuff might not look so good when brought to light.

August 29th


The conservative commentator and former presidential speechwriter responds to Obama's acceptance speech. Eugene Robinson can't believe what he's hearing.

Threshing machine close-ups

Most old threshing machines are made of tin. This one was mostly wood, and had aged beautifully.


International at Rollag

Chevy at Rollag

Fire Engine at Rollag

Logos at Rollag

Went to Rollag today on a photo mission with Bruce and Lance. 

I like to focus on the beautiful logos of the various long-forgotten companies.

August 28th

Tale of Two Ballparks

Barack Obama pretty much hit it out of the park. The event was a success. I guess that's no surprise.

Meanwhile in Oakland, the Twins can't buy a hit against a struggling team which has rid itself of its best starting pitchers.