Archive - Sep 2008

September 29th


The prairie dogs are ever-lovin cute. 

To the Badlands

Headed across North Dakota with photographer friend Bruce today for a couple of days in the Badlands. This bald eagle reigned supreme near McKluskey, ND.

September 28th


Olla's 97th birthday party

Aunt Olla arrived from the Fertile Hilton in style in Lance's car. 

September 27th

Birthday bash approaches

Tomorrow is Aunt Olla's 97th birthday. I picked up the cakes today. And some pickles. And plates, etc. The weather looks good for tomorrow.

I used to think that the only reason to clean house is if you are getting company. Now, I think probably the best reason to have company is to clean house. By that I mean, one of the best parts of having a few people over is getting motivated to do some deep cleaning.

Fall scenes

September 26th

Debate summary

Well, it was better than the Twins game.

Both candidates could have relaxed more. Both should just throw away their coached talking points and have a free-wheeling discussion. Obama was always dragging things back to domestic problems, while McCain's advisors obviously told him to insert the word "naive" as often as possible into his assessments of Obama. Sometimes it seemed forced.

McCain is probably the better debater. Obama doesn't like to go for the jugular, which sometimes drives me nuts. But Obama did just fine.


Kudos for John McCain for acknowledging twice during tonight's debate that this country engaged in torture, that it was wrong, and that it should never happen again. I am sure the White House isn't thrilled.

Next question goes to George Bush: Was John McCain tortured in captivity?

Debate, cont.