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October 23rd


There is a real good batch of opinion articles on the election over at Real Clear Politics. Joe Klein's article is particularly insightful.

October 22nd

Lions Club

Always a pleasure to speak to the local Lions. It was my job to relate the history of the Fertile Veterans Memorial Plaza. I related it the best I could. Four people in the audience were on the Memorial committee, so I was on a tight leash.

The food was good. The fellowship was, too. But I headed out before the business meeting because I wanted to get home to see the World Series.

I am pulling for the Rays.

Todd Palin in Fertile

Even though he has five kids.

Seriously, Todd Palin stopped at La La cafe in downtown Fertile on his way to Thief River Falls last Friday. The Secret Service wanted it kept quiet until he arrived because they didn't want to have to secure the city. Not a bad idea given the bunch of characters that hangs around Fertile's streets.

Palin has local ties through the Christian Bros. snowmobile racing team. I suspect this is the closest Fertile has come to a presidential race in its existence.

Trouble on the campaign trail

A rough night for John McCain.

October 21st

Obama's Grandparents


October 20th

Autumn Blaze Maple

The old McCain

This is the McCain who should have run for president.

What has happened to John McCain during the campaign is a classic tragedy.

ADS: Some of you have written wondering about the John McCain ads which are appearing off to the left. They are generated by Google after their computer analyzes the recent content of the weblog. I have no control over them.

Now, Google does give me the option of banning any ads I deem inappropriate.

October 19th

Autumn Blaze maple

Aunt Olla endorses

During a visit to the Hilton today, Aunt Olla informed me that she has decided to vote for Obama because she doesn't think it is any big deal if we have a Muslim president.

Well. I informed her that Obama isn't a Muslim.

"That's not what I've heard!" she said.

So, all of the innuendo has been working. However, it won't get Aunt Olla to change her vote.