Archive - 2008

October 19th

Baudette and Ada

Yesterday, I spoke to a Master Gardener conference in Baudette. Wow, is that a drive. Seven hours on the road and one hour speaking. Luckily, it was a beautiful day. I drove up through the west route, back down the east route and saw a lot of scenery. Unfortunately, the pictures I took weren't that great.

The ladies in Baudette were a lot of fun. They had prepared six soups out of stuff from their gardens. I got there early enough to gobble some down with several slices of heavily-buttered home-made bread. Good stuff.


Watching Colin Powell makes me long for a lost form of conservatism.

Balanced budgets. Careful spending. Well-regulated free enterprise. No radical experiments. Minimal government interference in private lives. Strict adherence to the Bill of Rights. A strictly secular government. Respect for freedom of thought. Respect for existing institutions and their traditions.


Listening to this clip makes me think we missed out on a possible great president. The news to me here is not Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, but his reasons, his calmness and his sanity, as well as his obvious thoughtfulness and intelligence. It would be a different world entirely right now if Colin Powell had run for president as a Republican in 2000. He would have won, and we would be in a different position right now. And I think he knows it.

October 17th


The Washington Post endorses this morning. The article is a sober assessment of the two candidates very much missing in a lot of the partisan rhetoric. I take newspaper endorsements with a grain of salt, but this one is well-reasoned and issue-based.

October 16th


The following is another article from the Bergeson Nursery 1971 catalog written by my grandfather, Melvin Bergeson.


Had fun today playing and singing for the folks at the Halstad Lutheran Memorial Home, and many guests from the attached Heritage House.

Yesterday, I had a good time doing the same thing at the Fertile Hilton. The people were lively and engaged. Maybe the bracing fall weather perks people up.

In Halstad, there is a lady who has been there for years. She is nearly 100 years old. And she always gives me a hard time. Today, she right away told me my last column was "nutty." I teased her back and she finally dismissed me with a wave of her hand. "You're just a nut."

October 15th

Fungus on birch log


The following is an excerpt from the 1971 Bergeson Nursery catalog, written by my grandfather, Melvin Bergeson. It is entitled, in bold capital letters, "THE ECONOMY."

Leaves in the water

On Wilderness Drive in Itasca, we ran across a little pond which was covered with freshly fallen leaves. 


Photographer friend Bruce and I headed to Itasca before dawn this morning in one last attempt to catch some fall colors. Unfortunately, the sun wasn't out until later in the morning.