Archive - 2008

November 30th


Last time he flew from here to New Mexico, Lance's plane went around some storms. The clouds were unusual and picturesque.

November 27th


Started the day in Santa Fe, but drove to Albuquerque to catch an 8 a.m. flight for Denver, and then another hop to Fargo. Very pleasant. The terminals were surprisingly crowded and the planes were full.

My family is dispersed across this great nation for the holiday, so I crashed in on the Lee cousins for some pie in the late afternoon. Aunt Olla was there and was in fine form.

November 26th

Show Low


Here is some tag art on a rail car in the Santa Fe railyard. Not sure whether it is grafitti, or if they hired some kid to do it. 

Absentmindedness and neti pot

During this two week trip, which ends tomorrow, I have lost three cell phone charger cords. I bought my fourth today. That is ridiculous.

I also left my precious neti pot at a hotel. I was thrilled to find one on sale today at the health food store across the street.


As expected, President-elect Obama's cabinet choices have emphasized competence over ideology. There is no indication so far that he plans to implement Islamic law or Marxist doctrine, or turn over the keys for Ft. Knox to Rev. Al Sharpton. I am sure those who love to be angry, both on the left and right, wish he were more like the inaccurate caricatures FOX News promoted all through the campaign.

November 25th

Surprise in the email in-box

This morning I got an email from a man named Denny McLain. Baseball fans might recognize the name. Denny McLain is the last pitcher to win 30 games in a single season. He won 31 games in 1968 for the Detroit Tigers, who went on to win the World Series.

November 24th

More Salt River Canyon

The turquoise waters in the river formed many waterfalls, of which this was one. It was perfectly still, so it was possible to hear the roar of the river from high above.

Salt River Canyon

Copper mines