Archive - 2008

November 23rd

Weathered old juniper stump

The top of the stump has some interesting curls while lower part, below, shows evidence of a long-ago fire.

Mt. Lemmon Highway

November 22nd

The imperturbable Thai

Just returned from a Thai restaurant. It was tremendously busy. No tables, so I sat at the bar, which, like a counter at a breakfast cafe, gave me a great view of the staff in action, both in the kitchen and out amongst the tables.

Return line

While doing laundry at the laundromat this morning, I thought it would be an ideal time to head over to Wal-mart to return a doohickey I purchased there last week that didn't work. The thing was supposed to make your iPod play over the car stereo, but all that came out was static, so I decided to return it.

November 21st

Cooler in Tucson

In the lower 70s today with a little haze. As evening came on, I changed into long pants and wore a long-sleeved shirt.

This evening, I drove downtown to Maya Catzal, one of my favorite restaurants in Tucson. A little hole in the wall, it serves Gautemalan fare. I had the chili rostidatos, which is a chili stuffed with cheese, potatoes and nuts, then covered in gravy. It came with rice, black beans and salad. Very, very hearty.

November 20th



Mule deer

While I was waiting by a little puddle of water for some birds to appear, suddenly, these three silently walked into view. I was 10 feet from the puddle, and the two fawns weren't about to let me prevent them from getting a drink. When I backed away five feet, they went ahead and drank, even though Mom was dubious.