Archive - 2008

November 20th

Color and cactus

It is time to get you people back home some color. Here is a bouganvilla plant showing through an old wood fence in the old 4th Avenue neighborhood of Tucson. 

November 19th

Hot weather

Drove around Tucson with the windows down today. It was in the mid-eighties. I have never been to Tucson in November before, and it has a different feel. It doesn't get this hot in January. But it feels good. It is a dry heat, and as soon as the sun starts setting, it cools off nicely.

I haven't taken any pictures yet. I have been spending my time trying to find a place to stay should I come back in January or February. That has been an adventure.


My gut says no, let the big boys die. Something better would arise in their place. You just hate to see negligent, ossified management rewarded with handouts, bailouts, whatever.

Of course, it happens all of the time.

But then, the Chrysler bailout worked and was paid off. So, what do I know.

November 18th

Tucson works its magic

Mid-eighties today in Tucson. Perfectly sunny. A little breezy at times. Beautiful.

I get so energized when I am in the sunshine and warmth that I feel like taking on the world. Today, I was full of ideas and energy. I walked several miles. I drove over fifty miles around town to some old haunts.

November 17th

Perfectly clear

What a perfect day. I drove 512 miles from Santa Fe to Tucson and didn't see one single cloud the entire way. When I hit Hatch, NM, I saw 86 degrees on the bank thermometer. I think that was a bit of an exaggeration, but it felt awfully good.

What scenery. The drive from Albuquerque to Tucson is utterly beautiful. You wander down the valleys between the "desert island" mountain ranges. The highway is pretty deserted, so driving isn't too stressful.

The only thing which reminds one that it is November is the fact that the sun went down about six o'clock.

November 16th


Chuck Kimmerle has updated the collection of photos on his site. Chuck's view of our area is unsurpassed and ennobling. None of the glossy books which purport to depict our area come even close to what Chuck is doing.

Although Chuck's photos have many strong characteristics, the one I value most is their sense of humor. I often find myself laughing out loud while paging through his photos--mainly because I so enjoy seeing what he does with things I see every day.

November 15th

More ornaments

Above is a close-up of a hand-blown Christmas ornament. Below is a bunch of ornaments in a picture taken by Tracie. 

More Christmas ornaments

More Jackelope

The hand-blown Christmas ornaments display interesting patterns up close.

Here are some ropes on some hand made handbags. 


This afternoon, sister Tracie, Lance and I went to Jackelope, a huge collection of craft vendors in Santa Fe. It is cool here. Jackelope is both indoors and out. It was nicer inside. 

Here are some visors.