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November 14th

Abiquiu Dam

November 13th


Just went through security at Hector International Airport in Fargo. Of course, the one person they pulled aside for a fill frisking was the old lady with the highest white bouffant hairdo you've ever seen. Makes complete sense. To their credit, the people at security were nice enough.

I am headed off to the great SW for two weeks.

Last night, I stayed in a hotel down here that smelled so bad you could cut it. NDSU students are being housed in the motel. I hope their rooms smell better.

November 11th

Veterans Day

The flags flew on the streets of Fertile and the bank was closed. At one cafe, veterans were given a free piece of pie.

I am in favor of Veterans Day being a bigger holiday than it is. Originally Armistice Day, November 11 is the day World War I, at the time known as the Great War, ended.

World War I has to rank as one of the most meaningless slaughters of human beings ever undertaken. It should be remembered and taught more thoroughly. As it is, World War I is shunted to the side because it lacks the compelling moral purpose of World War II.

November 10th

Dreary weather

November is here, and it is normal. Cold, cloudy, dreary. The ground is freezing up solid. The colors in nature are fading to muted browns, tans and grays.

The deer hunting season here runs all week, so there will still be some day-glow orange out in the woods this week. I wish there was more. The deer, or course, disappeared immediately Saturday morning. They need to be rustled out of their hiding places.

November 8th

An elitist weighs in

As a summary of the hope pinned upon Obama by the intellectual set, this article is as good as it gets. Naturally, the article won't bring unanimous agreement.

Voluntary tax increase

An election shocker that isn't getting much attention: In Minnesota, voters approved a three-eighths percent increase in the sales tax to fund projects for wildlife, clean water and lakes and the arts.

When I saw the proposal on the ballot, I was surprised. I voted no, simply because I am not a fan of the sales tax. It is regressive, punishing those with lower incomes at a greater rate than those with higher incomes. If people want money for these projects, run it through the legislature and raise the income tax, not the sales tax.

November 7th

Winter comes again

A couple of weeks ago, we had a snowstorm. During the past two days, North and South Dakota were dumped on by an early-season blizzard.

Deer hunters claim to like a little fresh snow. It helps them track the deer. However, I am really glad that I will not be out shivering in a deer stand tomorrow morning.

November 6th

Elitists gather

Tonight, went to a post-election gathering. The common denominator: We were all glad the national election went the way it did. At the end, we decided we were a bunch of elitists (several farmers, one nurseryman, a teacher, etc.), although the bottle of champagne went unopened.

However, there was no escaping that Minnesota Democrats blew it by nominating Al Franken for the U.S. Senate. A stuffed doll with the DFL label on it would have beaten Norm Coleman in this climate, yet Franken somehow managed to lose.

November 5th

Election, cont.

The election is still running around in my head. The magic moment when CNN declared it over still makes my throat catch--even worse than it is due to this nagging, lingering cold.

Why? Well, watching the entire crowd of 100,000 plus in Grant Park jump up and down as if their team had won the World Series was quite something. Since when has a politician caused that much excitement?

Aunt Olla recovers from the election

Talked to Aunt Olla on the phone tonight. She voted absentee. "Gosh, I am glad I lived this long!" she said, in a matter-of-fact tone.

She watched the returns until eight o'clock last night, but then got disgusted. "Those dumb states were going Republican," she said, "you know, the hillbilly states."

I guess Aunt Olla has no political ambitions. One of the luxuries of being 97 years old is that you can speak your mind without repercussions.