Archive - 2008

November 4th

John McCain

McCain's speech was very, very good and very, very decent. He looks tired, but he rose to the occasion.

I admire this speech very much. It was totally gracious.

There was just a shot of Jesse Jackson, tears streaming down his face, deep in the crowd at Grant Park, lost in thought.

Wow. It is quite a night.

Obama victory

It appears as if Barack Obama will be our next president.

What does that mean to me?

•Restored standing for the United States in the world.

•A calm, steady hand on the tiller.

•An administration where science doesn't succumb to ideology.



November 3rd

Oppressed minorities demand the vote!

It is clear we have a long ways to go before everybody is content with our electoral system.

November 2nd

More local potholes

A conservative for Obama

The founder of the Dartmouth Review, one of the most conservative publications in the country, backs Obama because he is conservative.

Willow Creek

Took a drive at sunset tonight to get some pictures. Ended up over by Willow Creek bed and breakfast east of the nursery. 

Beautiful Sunday

A perfect, early November day. There is something particularly grand about beautiful days this late in fall, when, in unluckier years, we could be looking at snowdrifts which wouldn't leave until spring. The weather is badly needed by the farmers. When I drove north, they were still harvesting beets, soybeans and corn up by the border. Down on the south end of the valley, things are farther behind.

ELECTION DAY approaches. The outcome looks pretty certain, although there's no reason to prognosticate. The real results will be in soon enough.

October 31st

Hallock and Roseau

Performed at the Halloween party at the Hallock nursing home today. What a great crowd! The place was packed and included many members of the community--even though at that very moment, the Bears, Hallock's football team, was playing against their arch-rivals, Stephen-Argyle, who had won 72 straight football games!

In the middle of my performance, a lady told me to announce that Kittson County Central's Bears (Hallock's team) had beaten Stephen-Argyle 7-0. Pandemonium!


There it is, right on a piece of campaign literature: "He's not who you think he is."

Paranoia in a nutshell.