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December 25th

Christmas colors in Scottsdale

Christmas in Phoenix...

...means putting on your new Snoopy shirt and going out to play under the ash tree, which is still full of leaves.

Palms in Scottsdale

December 24th

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all you blog readers. Hope everybody is playing it safe in this weather.

Oddly, three people died two days ago in a weather related incident near Casa Grande, AZ. A dust storm came up and in the confusion, there was a pile-up.

Lance and I are heading up to celebrate Christmas with friends in Phoenix tomorrow. They have three kids, so it will be good to be around kids for Christmas.

Tonight, we ate Thai food for Christmas Eve. Delicious.

Health care

I tend to agree with this perspective.

December 23rd

Raining mud

All over Tucson are car washes. I have always wondered how they kept busy when the cars stay so clean.

Yesterday, I found out. After a day of high winds, which stirred up so much dust that there were accidents, one fatal, due to dust storms, the rain poured down. Ah, I thought, this will wash away all the mess and clean everything up.

Nope. The dust came down with the rain as mud, and the cars were covered in it this morning. Probably a million cars in Tucson need washing. It was an economic stimulus package for the car washes.

December 22nd

A good guy, gone

Boyd Christenson was an institution in the Red River Valley.


The big Christmas week storm has already passed over the Tucson area. It was pretty undeveloped, but it left in its wake 40 mile-per-hour winds. And, the temperature just dropped about fifteen degrees. We're down in the lower 50s right now. With wind chill, it is probably in the forties.

December 21st

Another world

When I am in the car, I listen to the weather station on satellite radio. They give the temperatures around the nation. All cold. Never once have they given Tucson's temperature. Today, as they were reciting the gloom and doom everywhere else, the thermometer on the Taurus read sixty-seven degrees. It was cloudy, but pleasant.

The other day, they said Phoenix was at 45 degrees. I think that must have been a mistake because at the time, Tucson was in the mid-60s.

December 19th

AZ mountains

Beautiful Elephant rock shines in the late afternoon. I drove up to Whipple Observatory today, then went farther up the mountain on a one-lane gravel road. Eventually I got near the top, although I couldn't get all the way to the top where the observatories are. Here is the road I took.