Archive - 2009

December 19th


Hundreds of flags festoon a bridge south of Green Valley, AZ.


December 18th

Perfect Day

I have been so busy enjoying the day today that I haven't blogged. Seventy-three in the sun, sixty-five in the shade. Lots of walking, basking, etc.

December 17th


Peter Gammons is one of the best baseball commentators out there. In his last column with ESPN before moving on to a new job with MLB Network, Gammons gives some inside dope on his twenty years covering baseball with ESPN. My favorite stories? His interview with Ted Williams.


Just got back from the U of A library where I read for a couple of hours.

The trek is about a mile one way. It required a heavy shirt and long pants. I walked through a lot of campus activity. Finals are ending. The bars overflow. The outdoor patios are full under the heat lamps. Music plays loudly.

Above, the stars shine brightly even in mid-town due to Tucson's lighting ordinances. Orion, a winter-time friend, is visible from University Avenue.

December 16th

Good signs

Just went to the post office. By the front desk was a sign: "Cell phones may be used outside." Of course, such a request wouldn't work in Minnesota during winter, but what a relief it was to not have to stand in the line here, which is always long, and listen to people's conversations. Is there some consensus emerging on what is acceptable use of cell phones? Are people finally putting their foot down, as they finally did with smoking? Second-hand loud conversations are almost as irritating as second-hand smoke.

December 15th

homo retirus

Neither the specimen above nor the cactus wren below were photographed in captivity. Tucson is an ideal habitat for homo retirus with thousands of the species roaming freely even within the city limits.

Cactus wren


Report from the Hilton

Called Aunt Olla just now to see how things are going back at the Hilton. She said they are so busy that she hasn't had a chance to call me at all. Just too much going on.