Archive - 2009

December 13th

Last Day of Street Fair

Reid Park

Took a walk here this morning.


I have no sympathy whatsoever for Tiger Woods. What a cad. He has the wealth of King Solomon and apparently as many concubines.

But just let the man play golf, for crying out loud. This public repentance routine is false and sickening.

Obscure quests

Here is a man on an obscure quest: He wants to see every major hockey arena in the United States.

People who have such obscure pursuits have a lot of fun, I think. Two of my favorite vacations were such quests: One was when I went on a baseball tour of 9 stadiums in 10 days, and another was when I joined MPR host Michael Barone on a tour through Mexico looking at and listening to refurbished pipe organs built 400 some years ago by the Spanish.

December 12th

Paying the Psychic

Massage at street fair


This wouldn't work for me.

December 11th

How much is the coleus in the window?


Girl who has had enough


Pizza Girl


Yes, this is outdoors.

Street Fair Balloon Man