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December 12th

Massage at street fair


This wouldn't work for me.

December 11th

How much is the coleus in the window?


Girl who has had enough


Pizza Girl


Yes, this is outdoors.

Street Fair Balloon Man



Pulled into Tucson last night. Wow, I remember when I could do the trip from home in three days. This time it took five and I was completely worn out.

The temperatures here have the locals wound up in scarves and complaining. Mid-sixties for highs in the daytime. Absolutely miserable, as you can imagine.

Awoke this morning not knowing where I was. There was some sort of scraping on the sidewalk outside which I thought sounded like somebody shoveling snow. It was fun to realize I was in Tucson and that they were probably raking gravel or something.


Thanks to Cousin Anne for updating the website so you may now order my latest book, Back on the Farm online.

December 9th

Santa Fe

Left Denver this morning. The temperature was 3 degrees, but it was sunny and still and didn't feel too bad. Lance stayed behind to spend a few days with friends from UND days, and it was a good thing. His rear-wheel drive Camaro wouldn't have fared too well on some stretches of I-25 in New Mexico.

The skies were clear, but in places there were ground blizzard conditions. Because the temperature was around freezing in New Mexico, the blowing snow stuck to the road. Several cars were in the ditch.

December 8th


It has taken three days to get to Denver. It feels like swimming in molasses. It is below zero here. Leaving early in the morning for Santa Fe. One feature of the high altitudes: The sun's rays are more intense and burn off the ice more quickly. In fact, my thermometer said it was seven degrees coming in to Denver, yet water was running down the side of the road.

So, that means that no matter how much snow they had on the mountain ranges south of here, the roads will probably be melted off tomorrow, which is slated to be sunny.

December 6th


An must-read article on the decision-making process in the White House on Afghanistan.