Archive - 2009

December 5th

Book signings

Had two book signings today. They went well. It was fun to meet some new weblog readers! You know who you are. Thanks for coming.

Was shot afterwards, and have a lot to do before leaving tomorrow noon.

Posting here will be a bit sporadic for the next two days. Lance and I are working our way down to Tucson. Not sure the route, etc., or how many days, but we're taking two cars so there won't be any break. And I don't like driving more than six hours per day, which sort of stretches things out a bit.

Current affairs

Obama supporters who are disappointed in his increase of troops in Afghanistan were, like his conservative opponents, just assuming he was a McGovernite to the core who would fold up the tents and go home. Obama is nothing of the sort. I question whether this surge, which is larger than the Bush surge into Iraq, is going to do any good, but to say that this is some surprise is nonsense: Obama proposed an increase of resources to Afghanistan during the campaign.

December 4th

Visit to the Hilton

Went in to see Aunt Olla today at the Hilton before leaving for Tucson. She was in high spirits, although her brain is going bad, her ears are giving out, her eyesight is degenerating and she's generally breaking down. "I just am thankful for all the years when I wasn't broken down!" she said.

She told stories about she and her friend Ruth. They traveled together all over the country, along with Ruth's long-suffering husband Orville, who generally disapproved of the irreverent shenanigans of his wife and Olla.

December 3rd

Day of contrast

This morning, I woke up in Tucson to a beautiful sunrise and birds chirping. Went downstairs and had some coffee with the landlords of the apartment. It was a beautiful morning, in the sixties, sunny.

Flew back to Fargo: Twelve degrees!

At least the house is cozy.

Yesterday, I performed for a retirement park in Tucson and it was great fun. They had a very nice piano and a good sound system. I was a little nervous because in talking to the people beforehand, I realized there were almost no Midwesterners in the audience. Would my schtick work?

December 2nd


It is a beautiful, if cool, morning in Tucson. In the 50s. Sort of like November was in Minnesota.

I just walked a couple of blocks to get some morning coffee and a muffin. I have a small town habit: I assume that everybody on the sidewalk is somebody I know, or at least should know. So I say "hi." Of course, I know nobody. They probably think I am the overly friendly neighborhood weirdo or something.

December 1st


I haven't weighed in on the great issues of the day for a while, for several reasons.

For one, my pet issue, health care, is pretty much a done deal. Once implemented, it will be as popular as Medicare. The people on Medicare who busily opposed health care reform while militantly defending the program which benefits themselves will look crotchety and selfish, just as their counterparts who opposed Medicare in the 1960s look crotchety and selfish today.

Trip through the car wash

Before the sunset, below, the main scenery yesterday was in the carwash near Erskine.


Just south of Thief River last evening, the sunset turned spectacular. Earlier, below, a lone oak on a lake south of Erskine.

November 30th


Minnpost, the online newspaper, has brought back Jim Klobuchar, the old hand at the Tribune sports desk. What fun it is to read good sports writing for a change. The art of the sports column is in serious decline. The new guys could learn from the old guy.

November 28th

Book signing

I will be signing books at a new gift shop in downtown Fertile called the Boutique of Joy from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, December 5.

Those of you who have ordered books should get them in the mail this next week. They will arrive on Monday evening and we are set up to mail the orders out Tuesday.