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January 4th

Photo dictionary

Check this out for fun.

January 3rd

Free haircuts...

When you get tired of lawn...

January 2nd

Campus and nearby

January 1st

Color in Tucson

It is fun to see this sort of color on the last day of the year! The grass, below, was particularly fun to see. There was a cricket chirping in the palm tree. A calm scene? Hardly. There were cars roaring by about ten feet behind me. 

Word from the Hilton

Aunt Olla was in great spirits when I called her today. She's got so much to do, she just doesn't know when it all is going to get done. "And my brains are pretty much mush," she complained.

She gets some satisfaction out of watching the news. "All those years of teaching history, and I never got to teach about somebody throwing a shoe at the president!" she said. "Why did he have to miss?"

Olla is already one-third of the way to 98 years old. "I sure don't want to live to be 100," she said today. "I suppose I could stop taking my vitamins."

From nasty to noble

I wouldn't want to get hung up on these. 

This prickly pear could cause a little pain, too.