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I don't get it: The very same people who jump on every little verbal mistake Obama makes then get all worked up when, by using the teleprompter, he attempts to reduce the inevitable gaffes. The sneer and mock about "his beloved teleprompter." Well, watch his interchange with the House Republicans. No teleprompter. Worked fine.

A friend writes:

Tucson garden

January 30th

Canadian Appreciation Dinner

Entertained at Eastgate RV Park in Mesa tonight as a part of a Canadian Appreciation Dinner. About 160 people showed up for supper and entertainment. It was a lot of fun. Met some interesting people, including several people from the Northwest Territories in Canada, someplace I have always wanted to go. 

Happy Arizona Doorstop

January 29th

Yet another sunset


I have been trying to view video the entire meeting between President Obama and the House Republican Caucus this morning. I have gotten about half way through, but now can't find any more of the video. I am sure I will find it later. However, it is clear that Obama did very well. The best indicator? Fox News cut away from the meeting, a move which was entirely unjustified on a news basis, since the meeting provided the best political theater and the most authentic and open political debate between major players since the election.

January 28th


The world's largest pipe organ is in Macy's in Philadelphia, formerly Lord and Taylor, before that the Wanamaker department store.

Gate's Pass, again

After today's clouds, the sun made a brief appearance at the end of the day. I suspected it might, so I took another trip out to Gate's Pass to take a look. The best feature: the pools of sunshine on the desert floor.

Dreary Day in Tucson

High in the low 50s. Rain much of the day. The sun peeked through only in the last minutes of the day. Perfect day to drink coffee at the bookstore.

Watched the State of the Union last night. President Obama was in fine form. I only wish he wouldn't slap his hands down on the podium after every sentence. Once I became aware of the quirk, it distracted.

However, the content was good. My ire right now is more for the Congressional Democrats who don't just buckle down and get things done that are necessary.

January 26th

Some horizontal shots

The sunset at Gate's Pass tonight didn't put on the usual fireworks, but it was worth the trip. Early on, a lenticular cloud, a unique feature of the Southwest, appeared over the city of Tucson to the east. Later, the colors to the west improved. By the end, the color was spectacular.