Archive - Feb 2010

February 27th

Summer memories

Kind of funny to find myself (with brother) on Youtube six months after the fact.

Tucson goodbyes

We're leaving Tucson tomorrow. Always sad. Time to say goodbye to our friends here. We just got back from a couple of hours of fun with our landlords, Alec and Michael.

February 26th

100-year-old doctor

Enjoyed this story this morning.

February 25th

Red Lake

Minnpost publishes an article on a bureaucratic boondoggle on the Red Lake reservation. Tribal chair Buck Jordain pens an interesting editorial on the matter.

Good Life

Performed this afternoon at Good Life Resort in Mesa. It was fun to see three of my elementary school teachers in the audience, plus a couple of old friends from Thief River Falls.

It was sort of an odd event. It was held in a huge ball room. When we arrived, it was packed with several hundred people. It was an information session. The park had recently been sold. Rates were going up. Some services were changing. The corporate heads came to answer questions, and it had been going on for almost two hours.

February 24th

Curved-bill thrasher


February 23rd

Another gazania

The colors on this one seemed impossibly intense this afternoon. Our elevation might have something to do with it.

Miracles vs. Magic

For fun, I will elaborate upon what I meant by magical thinking in the post below.

To me, a blade of grass is a miracle, to say nothing of the trees, wildlife, clouds, all the earthy wonders, as well as the stars and galaxies above, which are, both in number and size, incomprehensible.

Of these natural wonders we comprehend little. Let's be generous and assume humans comprehend 1%. The remaining 99% is a mystery, almost none of which will ever be understood by the human mind.

Embellished cacti