Archive - Aug 10, 2010

Twins 12 White Sox 6

What a perfect way to end a stormy day: watching the Twins soundly beat the Sox in Chicago to retake first place for the first time since July 3. 

With the heat, humidity and eventual downpours, it really wasn't a day fit to do anything outside. So, the Twins game was welcome. 

Baseball is all about reversion to the mean: Joe Mauer was hitting .285 a while ago, well beneath his lifetime batting average of .326. Suddenly he went on one of his tears to raise his average exactly forty points in a couple of weeks. He is now batting .325, about what one would expect. 

Delmon Young, meanwhile, had a hot July in which he was the Player of the Month. Now he has cooled off and is looking more human. 

Jason Kubel has struggled to hit for average this season, but he has been a great clutch hitter, something he has done for much of his career. He is deadly with the bases loaded. 

Jim Thome is hitting home runs at a Ruthian rate. Too bad that nagging injuries, as well as the Twins' depth, limit his at bats. I can't imagine that DHing is that big a strain, but it must be, for Gardenhire babies Thome as much as he babies everybody else. 

Like all teams, this one has changed throughout the season as people come and go. Valencia has filled the hole at third base. Morneau is out indefinitely with his concussion, but Cuddyer has filled in ably. 

This is a fun team to watch. 

I do keep track of Johan Santana and the Mets. Santana's doing okay, but the Mets are disappointing. Ha ha ha. 

I pull for Tampa Bay when they aren't playing the Twins. Anybody but the Yankees. I am also pulling for the Texas Rangers to win the Western Division. Their manager Ron Washington was a long-time Twin and a good guy.