Archive - Aug 12, 2010

Dark and stormy night

From the looks of the radar, things are volatile around the entire region. It is pouring outside right now and there appears to be more on the way throughout the night.

I had a fun time today at Riverview Care nursing home in Crookston. After leaving late and getting tangled in detours around Crookston, I finally got to the home  and we had a very fun time.

A friend's father is in the memory care unit there, so I stopped by there. Tough to see him struggle for words when I could tell what he was trying to say. He greeted me by name right away, but struggled to find words until he would give up in disgust. 

Yesterday I went into the Hilton where they were taking residents to the golf course for a nine-hole tour on carts. I drove one of the carts and Aunt Olla was my passenger. It was a perfect afternoon for cruising the course. Aunt Olla thought the whole thing was over too quickly. 

She told a story that you all should hear, but I would get in trouble for repeating it. It involved her marrying a sixty-year old guy she met for his money and waiting for him to die. (She's ninety-eight.) 

Today in the audience at the nursing home in Crookston there were three people over 100 years old. Two returned to the memory care unit after the performance, but they seemed all right to me when we visited. 

Aunt Olla, according to some calculations, is now the oldest person in Fertile. She does not relish the title and when news to that effect appeared in the Fertile Journal, she was furious. With me. But I wasn't behind the publication of her age, so I got off the hook. I know who did it, but I am not going to tell Olla under any circumstance.


Old color photos

Last year, I posted old color pictures from the Depression era. My mother found more. Now here are some from Germany in 1906.