Archive - Aug 15, 2010

Lonely silo


I have always wanted to turn an abandoned silo into a home. This silo south of Crookston looks like a good candidate.

Twins roll

Wow, what a great weekend for the Twins. They won three great games against the A's. The best thing: The pitching was phenomenal. Winning 2-0, as they did last night, is pennant-winning baseball. Liriano's performance Friday evening was spectacular as well, the work of a well-developed pitcher. 

Also, they have been getting good clutch hitting, the sort that was lacking in May, June and July, when the Twins were sputtering along at .500. 

The injury to Morneau (concussion) is probably more serious than they are letting on. I suspect he might not be back this season. His symptoms have not yet disappeared and they are not going to let him do anything until he has no symptoms. Then, he has to get back into shape. 

Weird how the Twins play so well without Morneau. However, they are a better team with him in the order. Mauer gets more pitches to hit with Morneau behind him in the order. 

So, for the past six days, my schedule has revolved around the Twins games. No missing those!