Archive - Aug 18, 2010

McIntosh to Fargo

Performed for the women at the Christian Women's Club in McIntosh this morning. My role is to sing a couple of songs, give a feature on gardening and then skedaddle. 

Today after the CWC, I skedaddled from McIntosh down to Fargo where I met up with Kathy, the producer of A Little Garden on the Prairie. We are plotting the next move. Reruns of the show run four times per weekend on KCPM out of Sioux Falls, a channel which is carried on cable in most towns in the area, but we haven't gotten any sponsors that generate revenue. I think the show is a good idea and would like it to continue, but it has kind of hit a dead end right now until we find advertisers. In addition, it would help a lot if the satellite people picked up KCPM. That would give us more coverage. As it is, people in towns that have cable can get the show, but nobody can get it over a dish of any sort. 

As a non-TV person, I haven't even seen the show. I viewed the entire experience of filming 13 episodes as sort of a lark. But a lot of people watch the show. It would be nice to make another season of episodes, at least. 

So, that's that. 

My only TV is watching the Twins. 

I shouldn't blog about the Twins while they are still playing. Right now, the White Sox are threatening in the ninth inning. Man, the Twins can't be giving up runs in the ninth like this. Capps has given up one run, but the Twins still lead 7-6. This run the Twins are on is too good to be true. 

One minute later: The Twins win again!

Boy, this has been fun. Mauer had four hits tonight with a home run. 

What's all the noise about this Favre guy?  




I don't know how long this clip will work, as Major League Baseball is pretty good about keeping copyrighted recordings of its games under wraps, but it shows the Thome game-winner last night from the Chicago perspective. Their usually vocal announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson simply walked out of the booth in disgust. 

Thome mashed that ball. 

UPDATE: As predicted, MLB had Youtube take down the video. Here is a permitted version.