Archive - Aug 26, 2010

Perfect days

This weather is just perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, just enough sunshine.

It couldn't be better.

I have been busy outside cutting wood and cleaning around the yard. There's nothing like a pile of wood to signal accomplishment.

Chain sawing was bliss today--until I ran into a nail, likely ruining a chain. But even that couldn't ruin the day.

What was a nail doing twelve feet up a tree? An investigation is pending, but the likely culprit is a bat house that used to hang in the tree before the tree died. 

About five o'clock, I went for a run. The breeze from the south kept me nice and cool for the duration.

So, I have been neglecting the blog lately. No rants to be had. Life is good. 

Friend Josh brought over an entire lamb today. It is in the freezer in pieces. I better go buy some mint jelly, because lamb is going to be on the menu in many forms this winter. Lamb is comfort food. 

I drove up to the house after a round of cutting wood. There sat three ladies on the back seat of the golf cart they were using to tour the gardens. Eventually I figured out that the two men with them were inside the house, getting a tour from Lance. 

That was a whole lot better than the time I came downstairs in the morning to find 15 Red Hat Ladies on my porch, but it can still take one aback to be this far out in the woods and look out the window to see several people looking in!

Oh, and the Twins are ahead...