Archive - Aug 4, 2010


I share this opinion. My biggest disappointment with President Obama has been his sluggish efforts to end the endless, surreal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that, as Herbert notes, have not demanded a national effort of shared sacrifice. The burden for the wars is borne by an unfortunate few while the rest of us go on blissfully, not even paying extra taxes. 

You say that a tax increase to pay for the wars, or a bond drive, or some effort at fiscal sanity wouldn't pass? Well then don't fight the war! 

The use of guardsmen for multiple tours of duty half-way around the world is just nuts. The argument that they are on a defensive mission is ridiculous. The Guard should be walking the dikes of the Red in the spring, at least until the Canadians mount an attack, at which time they can run up to Roseau and Pembina and stop them. 



When it says on here that I make an entry at 3:45, that is Pacific time. I am usually sound asleep at 3:45 Central, but am sometimes up at 5:45 Central, 3:45 Pacific. So for you mothers out there, I am both not dead and sleeping well.

Also, the email contact form on this weblog was not working for a while, not sure how long. It is now fixed. If you sent an email through that form in the past month and didn't receive a reply, please send it again. At least if it is full of compliments.

Last item: The Open House at Bergeson Gardens is this Saturday, August 7. Joe, Dad, Mom and I will be playing and singing (Dad spent last winter learning string bass, so will be joining us on songs that are in the keys of C or F. Mom will sing harmony on a couple of others). 

Joe will give garden tours. La La ice cream and BBQ will be for sale. Donuts will be free.  The day starts at 9 a.m. The first tour is at 10, the first performance at 11. 


I didn't realize it had been so long since I wrote a blog entry. A couple of you were wondering if I had died. I have not. 

It is the dog days of August! Beautiful days, even more beautiful evenings. I can't say that I've ever seen a more beautiful summer. 

I get a bit lethargic in August. I think it might be related to allergies. I used to have hay fever so very bad in the summer that I would just lay on my bed drugged, choosing stupor over tickling, sneezing and itchy, teary eyes. 

The allergies have disappeared. I have never had them checked, so I don't know exactly what I was allergic to, but I always suspected it was ragweed, the usual hay fever suspect. 

However, now that I think of it, the end of my allergies coincided with me moving into new house without a basement. I decided not to have a basement because of the molds and moisture. It makes me wonder if basement molds and must were the source of those many Augusts of misery. 

It is a relief not to have to take all of those allergy medications as they can't be good for your liver.  I do want to preserve my liver. I should say, if I am going to ruin my liver, I am going to have more fun doing it than taking allergy medications. 

I have also now decided that I do not ever want to be on cholesterol or blood pressure medication and I would prefer never to have diabetes. Since exercise prevents problems with all three, I started to exercise again about a month ago. 

I tried running in Tucson last winter, but my leg got screwed up to the point where I could barely walk and so I quit. An attempt to join a health club fell flat when that just made things worse. 

Simple solution: Stretch a lot before doing anything. I am more brittle now at age 45, so stretching is more important. Whenever I feel something tight, I stop and stretch. That helps. 

My favorite place to run is the trail they made out of the old rail bed. It runs from Ulen to Crookston, but I use the patch south of Fertile. 

Although there are signs that the trail is used by others on an daily basis, namely four-wheelers and Amish buggies, I have yet to run into anybody on the trail while I am on it. Privacy is important for me to exercise as the presence of any intruding eyes makes me run much too fast and I poop out right away. I don't want to be seen running slowly, but running relatively slowly is what a 45 year old should do, particularly at the beginning. 

It had been about seven years since I ran as far as four miles without stopping. I despaired that I ever would do that again. Last fall and winter, I walked four miles several times a week, but attempts to run failed. 

Two weeks ago, I slowed way, way down to the point where I could run almost indefinitely. That worked, so now I have a routine that I actually enjoy, not one which I look forward to with dread. 

So, I have been doing this for a month. My motive is negative (to prevent more pills) but the aesthetics, at least this summer, have been wonderful. Out on the lonely trail, there are times when you hear nothing but the natural sounds. A couple of days ago, I was hissed at by a mama raccoon. That made me jump!