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September 30th

Aunt Olla at 99

olla at 99.jpg 

September 29th

Aging Conference

Spoke yesterday at an Area Conference on Aging and Disability in Fargo at the Ramada Inn. I decided to attend the conference for the day just to see what it was about, and I enjoyed it a lot.

The attendees are people who serve the elderly, whether it is in social services, or health care, or volunteering. They are my sort of people. I spoke on gardening, but it is my hope I can speak to them again on broader matters. 

In other news:

•The Twins went on a losing binge after clinching the Central title. I suspected that would happen, but had hoped that they would continue to press the pedal to the metal. However, they are getting Mauer, Thome and perhaps even Morneau ready for the playoffs. Setting down the veterans allows the rookies to get some time in on the field, which is always beneficial. 

Baseball is best if it is played under taut conditions where every pitch matters. Playing out the season when the games don't really matter is conducive to sloppiness in the field and on the mound. Pitchers need to maintain a competitive edge, and the Twins pitchers lost their edge over the past few days and they started getting pounded by...the Royals, of all teams. 

So, I am on strike. I am not going to watch the Twins again until they play like they mean it, which will probably be sometime next week when the playoffs start. 

•After wavering for a while, Aunt Olla decided to go ahead with a 99th birthday party at my place. It is scheduled for this afternoon. The reason I didn't press the matter was that Olla has a friend visiting from Las Vegas for three days next week and she has planned a flurry of activity which includes a big dinner down in Detroit Lakes where her friend will meet Olla's family. I thought that might be an adequate substitute for a birthday party, but if she has energy for both, more power to her. 

•It has been plenty went, but overall, can you imagine a more perfect fall? And for that matter, a more perfect summer? Summer went nice and slow, but fall is going way, way too fast. It is all one's perception, I know, but I enjoy fall so much that I don't want it to end. 

•The way this weblog is set up right now is for the most recent 10 entries to show up on the front page. While in the Black Hills, I posted many times under separate entries, so some of the entries are on page 2, which can be accessed at the bottom of the page. 

•Got an email this morning from friend Guy Higgins who I met in a pub in England in 1986. I walked into the pub in Bath, a scared 21-year-old just off the plane, and ordered a beer. "A beer?" said the guy next to me. You don't order a beer in England. You order a lager or a bitter or an ale. Guy schooled me in the art of pub drinking until the place closed (10 p.m. in England) and suddenly I had a batch of British friends. He and his buddy Tim came to the nursery two years later on a world tour from which Guy, at least, has never returned. He now lives in Hong Kong and was reading the weblog at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City.

September 27th

Pine and Prairie


September 27th



A pronghorn antelope eloquently expresses his disdain for the tourists photographing him from only a few feet away.  

Longhorn sheep


This is a pretty typical scene in Custer State Park, at least on a weekend. Cars speed by as the animals look impassively on.  

Devil's Tower from a distance


Devil's Tower


September 25th



Birch at the Needles


The burro in the window