Archive - Jan 21, 2013


The Earl of Baltimore

Earl Weaver finally passed away this weekend after decades of chain smoking. Earl was the manager of the Baltimore Orioles during their glory years. Here is a tribute to Earl. And then, just to make sure you know Earl intimately, here is an adults-only, world famous rendition of Earl in an argument with Bill Haller, one of the best American League umpires. 

Despite the inanity of the argument, Earl Weaver was one of the most intelligent managers ever. He was way ahead of his time. 

Barry Goldwater, photographer

I was reminded this week that former Sen. Barry Goldwater was also a master photographer

Also, a nice article in the Casper, WY paper about friend Chuck Kimmerle's exhibit. Chuck moved to Wyoming because his partner Brenda got a good job there. We all wondered what would happen to his superb landscape photography, which up to that point was entirely attuned to the Great Plains. 

Chuck adjusted, and is thriving. 

What the article and most reviews of Chuck's work miss is the sense of humor I find in his work. Maybe I am perverse, but when I see virtuosity like Chuck's; when I see him turn a commonplace scene into something transcendant, I laugh out loud. It is the same laugh that comes when I hear Vladamir Horowitz take a commonplace piano piece and make it sizzle like a drop of water on a hot griddle. 

Armed with my camera, I headed north to Payson, AZ today. The scenery was beautiful, but I wasn't inspired to photograph. Payson is up on what they call "the rim." In other words, it is at 6,000 elevation. The saguaro are replaced by juniper and pine. The mountains are dusted with snow.

I found a Thai restaurant there that served a good lunch, then turned around and came back to Gold Canyon. Temperature? 76 degrees F. 

I do check on MN temperatures and I do know what you are going through. This is when I relish every moment in the desert.