Archive - Oct 11, 2013


Source of the insanity

An excellent article about the religious fundamentalism which is turning the GOP into a nuthouse. The religious right has been so stirred up into thinking Obama is the anti-Christ, or the next best thing, that they are willing to destroy the world economy to oppose everything he is affiliated with, including a relatively harmless law already on the books, the Affordable Care Act. 

What remains of the Tea Party movement is a radical fundamentalist fringe that is convinced that they have a corner on God's truth. When you know God's truth, you are perfectly willing to pull the world down around you in the name of that truth, however crazy it is. 

Religious certainty is the problem here. Religious certainty of all sorts is the problem all over the world, particularly in the Mideast. Religion is one thing if it helps you lead a more useful, satisfying life. When it ossifies into unshakable dogma about present political issues, it becomes truly dangerous. (It also is evident that such religion prevents people from leading a more useful, satisfying life, but that is beside the point here.)

I do not relish the destruction of the Republican party as a viable political force. We need the push and pull of two viable, healthy parties for our system to work. Right now, we have one secular party and one which is run by religious fanatics who haved intimidated (or already purged) the secular elements which once kept the party from turning into a fanatical religion. 

The secular branch of the Republicans tolerated the religious nuts because they wanted their support. Now, they are paying. 

I say to the Koch Brothers: You created this monster, now control it!

At present, we do not have a true conservative party. The Republicans in Congress are anarchists, devoted to destruction, both of society, and apparently, if the past week is any indication, of themselves. They don't want to conserve anything. Their psychology and politics are shaped by End Times thinking

A true conservative in today's situation would preserve our national faith and credit at all cost.  

If this bunch succeeds at pulling down the economy, then they have pulled off a treasonous act of sabotage. 


Shaggy caps

twin shaggy caps.jpg 

Here are two beautiful shaggy cap mushrooms, right at the perfect stage to be harvested. To harvest the entire shroom, I take a knife and cut about an inch below the surface. The meaty root is really the best part. There are so many in the yard that I have been discarding the cap, which sometimes turns to mush, and just using the root and stem. 

shaving shrooms.jpg

Even after rinsing, there is a layer of humus on the roots which needs to be shaved off. I put the shavings down the garbage disposal once, which was a mistake, as there was a rock which jammed the disposal. 

After cleaning a pile of shrooms, I cut them up, put them on a tray, freeze them, then bag them up in zip lock bags and keep them frozen until dumping them in the frying pan. 

Both the flavor and texture of these mushrooms are far superior to the button mushrooms found in stores. The button mushrooms have the market because they last. If you pick a shaggy cap, you have only a couple of hours to freeze it before it starts to turn black and actually dissolve. 

Shaggy caps are attractive to me due to their ease of picking and identification. I have about fifteen types of mushrooms in the yard right now, and the shaggy cap is the only one I am confident (without the aid of an expert) is edible. Plus, my brother Joe and wife Kae ate a bunch of them and lived through it, so I figured I could, too.