Archive - Oct 15, 2013


One thing to be proud of amidst the rubble

As Washington descends deeper into destruction, led by the Ted Cruz vandals, Hillary Clinton gives a speech which brings out the best in American world leadership. 

This needless, stupid crisis has already eroded our world economic leadership. Ted Cruz and the House Republicans are in essence traitors. 

The Tea Party nuts who showed up in Washington this past weekend to protest the closing of national monuments (a closing they alone caused) were openly racist. Confederate flags. A speaker who said, "Obama supports his people, we support our people!" and "We have a president who bows down to Allah." Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz were there and cheered. 

Crazy, deluded nuts. The paranoid, right-wing mind is something to behold. Without evidence, they operate on their deepest suspicions and fears. To rise to the top of their ranks, all you have to do is dare speak their crazy delusions out loud--which reinforces those fears in their mind, providing justification for hatreds and fears which have no rational justification. The phrase "We have a president who bows down to Allah," is an insane, untrue statement. But to these nut cases, it rings true. So whoever dares say it out loud is not asked for evidence, but is praised for "telling it like it is." 

Whenever a right-winger praises somebody like Michelle Bachmann for "telling it like it is," is actually means the politician is telling a real whopper, but one in synch with the paranoid delusions of the ignorant rubes. She's "telling it like it is" in the right-wing fantasy world. It is non-sense, of course, her carrying on about fig leaves and such. The details are always fuzzy. If you waded into the details, it would be a bunch of irrational, insane gibberish. Try it sometime. The lay persons always defer to End Times "experts," who "really know this stuff." Like Hal Lindsay, or Tim LaHay. Psychopathic liars (they constantly change their stories to fit current events, which means they were false prophets before) who have managed to dupe a substantial minority of our population into believing their apocalyptic visions which, not-so-incidently, sell them millions of books. 

UPDATE: Here is a good summation of the role End Times theology plays in the present budget mess.