Archive - Oct 8, 2013


Nuts, nuts and more nuts

Michelle Bachmann again proves she's nuts. She could be ignored if only a substantial minority of bozos in this country didn't agree with her. 

Let's just summarize the basics here, folks: 

•If you believe we are in the End Times, keep your goofy eschatalogical acid trips limited to your cult meetings on Sunday morning and don't bring them into the public arena. Anybody paranoid enough to carry on about End Times can safely be dismissed from rational conversation. End Times talk is not religion. It is sanctified mental instability. However, now we have some End Times nuts in Congress. And they seem bent on bringing the End Times on, and then blaming it on President Obama.

•If you believe, despite having no evidence other than the insidious suggestions from people who are in the right-wing racket for financial gain, that President Obama is a Muslim, for gosh sakes have the decency to realize that you are not operating from evidence. There is none. And who would care but bigots?

•If you think the annual budget deficit is going up, forget it. It is going down. Fast. (This is a correction. Originally I stated that the debt is going down.)

•If you think Obamacare is going to bankrupt the country, provide evidence. There is none

•Anybody who refers to the Affordable Care Act as a bill, not a law, is a liar. It is the law of the land. Get over it. 

•If you think President Obama is so vile that anything he does should be automatically opposed, get psychiatric help for paranoid schizophrenia, please. There is no secret, concealed Obama. He is who he looks like: A pathologically moderate compromiser dedicated to muddling through. His habit of compromise finally got him pushed against this wall, where craven, amoral, playground-grade hostage-takers think they're entitled to "get something out of this, we don't know what."

This article was meant as a joke. However, many people I know believed it was actually plausible. If you think the article is plausible in any way, examine your head and realize how far you have departed from whatever meager education you endured before you returned to your cave to stew in the miasma of your unchallenged moronic certainties. It was satire. If you took it seriously, you are what is called a complete dupe

•If this stupid, unnecessary, Republican-manufactured "debt crisis" discredits Ted Cruz forever, it may have been worth it. He is Sarah Palin with brain cells, truly diabolical and dangerous. Here is where Ted came from. No wonder he thinks he's going to be president. He considers himself annointed. If you think of yourself as annointed to be a pastor, fine. Knock yourself out. But once you think you've been annointed to hold elective office, you have become dangerous. 

•As usual over the past six years, the only sensible explanation comes from Jon Stewart




Nobody but nobody nails it better than Elizabeth Warren. I agree with her completely.