Archive - Feb 12, 2013


Home for the storm

I came home Friday night in order to attend a Bush Foundation retreat which is a required part of my Bush Fellowship--only to have the weather intervene and prevent my driving to St. Paul. So, I have been a part of this storm which dumped on us Sunday and early yesterday.

I went in to visit Aunt Olive today. She's doing very well. Looks great. Emil, the Hilton's maintainance director, set Olla up with a big reader so she could read books and the newspaper more easily, but she has no interested. "I live on memories," she said. Television doesn't interest her any more, either. She sits in her chair and enjoys it thoroughly. I think she enjoys paging through her lifetime of adventures. 

When I am down in Arizona, I get all ambitious to get home and start on projects. Flying home for a weekend disavowed me of that notion. As soon as I returned, my energy level declined and all I wanted to do was sleep. Wow. No projects forthcoming. So, I look forward to flying back to AZ tomorrow and getting busy again. In fact, I think I will take my laptop to spring training and work.

From November through two weeks ago, I kept up a pace of writing 1,000 words per day for 65 consecutive days. At that point, I ran out of material, so I called it a book. Now I have to edit the thing and make sure it makes sense. That is turning out to be quite a task. I haven't really delved into it yet, but that will be my goal when I return to AZ. 

I will relish every moment of the warmth after getting my dose of winter.