Archive - Feb 14, 2013


Back to AZ

As I drove towards Fargo last night, the weather worsened. Freezing rain, sleet, whatever you call it. Slick roads. Huge snowbanks. Just the stuff you stay in Arizona to avoid.

However, the people at the airport weren't even worried. With a slight delay for de-icing, the plane took off as planned and within three hours I was back in snow-free country.

This morning dawned clear and beautiful, with birds singing.

The trip home was good. I got to visit Aunt Olla twice. She is in such good spirits and looks great. I also got to spend a few hours playing the family game, Boggle. 

Joe's wife Kae is the life of the party, importing Thai cheer to the farm place where we can get preoccupied with the drear. She is the instigator for Boggle, even though she is just learning English. She tries out words and gleefully reports her score at the end of almost every round: Egg! Either for goose egg (zero), or for the shape a zero makes when you circle it, denoting your final score--it looks like a fried egg. It is difficult not to have fun when Kae is around.

While Lance and I are in AZ, sister Tracie is using the house for a massage studio. I got worked over yesterday. Well, worked over is the wrong term as Tracie is a practitioner of a more subtle form of massage called cranial sacral therapy. She worked on my brain yesterday. It certainly needs it. She got at my brain by putting on a glove and pressing against the roof of my mouth until she found the right spot and thunk! I was out.  

While I was home, we also had a delightful house guest, Megan, who is a sister to a friend of Lance's. She is a student and was spending a week at the Fertile Hilton job shadowing. They put her to use right away, so when she'd get back to the house, thunk! out she went on the couch. 

Sometimes it is good to have a house full. 

Meanwhile, Lance stayed back in Phoenix where he has been exploring the metropolis, finding the neighborhoods of Tempe much to his liking. 

I am inclined to start exploring the spring training complexes of some of the 15 teams who train here. What a menu of options!

In any case, the trip home to snowbanks and cold really woke me up to how good things are in February in Arizona. Wow.