Archive - Feb 17, 2013




Aunt Olive, age 101, with a Valentine's Day bouquet from her boyfriend Bunny, age 52. 

Another day in paradise

Yesterday was one of those sterling Arizona days that makes you wonder why a person would spend winter anywhere else. Mid-70s. Slight breeze. Sunny. I sat in the back yard and watched the golfers while editing. Then I went on a slow walk down the wash and listened to all the different birds. Migration must be starting, as there are new songs every day. Somebody set up a bench under a mesquite tree in the wash, so I sat in the shade. Then went for a run. 

A perfect day.

The trip home for the blizzard made me doubly appreciative of the weather here. If you don't see and feel the alternative every now and then, you can get jaded by the monotony of endless perfect days.

Fifteen major league baseball teams are training in the Phoenix area this winter. I could drive to one of the complexes and watch baseball drills instead of sitting in the back yard and watching golfers. However, the nearest complex is 29 miles away, so that will require some planning.

On Friday evening, Lance and I picked up cousin Tina and went to a party celebrating the beginning of spring training. The host, a big St. Louis Cardinals fan, has two rooms in his house devoted to baseball memorabilia. I was reminded that the Cardinals have won the World Series 14 times in their existence. Below is a small sample: