Archive - Feb 21, 2013


Cat crisis


Here is Vinny. He is a cat. He has been at the nursery for several months. He is very friendly and loving. He was recently taken to the vet to be tutored. I don't know what they taught him, but they say the tutoring will help in many ways. In fact, male cats, once tutored, are the ideal cat. I believe this. When I went home recently, Vinny treated me as if I was a long-lost friend. 

My sister Tracie loves animals and she is trying to place Vinny in a loving home. Vinny cannot be at the nursery during the spring season as we have had bad experiences with cats sitting in the wonderfully soft seedling trays and killing thousands of petunias in one night. This gets expensive. Fast. So, although we believe Vinny to be a dignified and noble addition to our farm place, he's simply got to go. 

Sister Tracie has expressed a willingness to drive a good long distance with Vinny to take him to a new home. He is well-adjusted to trips in a kennel, as Tracie found out when she brought him in for tutoring. 

If you are interested in Vinny, please send me an email.

Thank you!

UPDATE: I was kidding when I used "tutored" in place of "neutered." I was thinking about the old Far Side cartoon where one dog proudly tells another dog out the car window, "I am going to the vet to be tutored!"

Geographic returns to ND

Follow the links in this Herald article to get to a most excellent National Geographic article on the North Dakota oil fields. A few years ago, National Geographic wrote on the emptying of North Dakota's farm country. It was an accurate article, but because it didn't include the Chamber of Commerce booster points, it was greeted with anger by the more defensive North Dakotans. This article is just as good, and gives a detailed and enlightening account of conditions on the oil field. 

Can we not face the notion that most things are simultaneously good and bad? The economic boom helps people make money, but the environmental and social impact of oil development is a disaster. Why hide the downside?