Archive - Mar 24, 2013



I haven't been watching the Twins progress in spring training too closely, as it usually has no bearing on their regular season. However, it is fun to see that Aaron Hicks stepped up to take the center field position. He has more native talent than either Ben Revere or Denard Span, who were traded for pitching last winter. Hicks looks like a winner. He has power. You really need to have a center fielder with power these days. He also has an arm. And he gets on base. 

In the end, it comes down to starting pitching, and there is no assurance that the Twins have improved in that department over last year. They stocked up on prospects, but those prospects are still a couple of years away. They must get through this season. The three three veterans they signed, Harden, Pelfrey and Corriea, haven't shown much hope. I think Terry Ryan's entire focus should be on building up the number of strong pitching arms in the organization. To that end, I would advocate trading Morneau and Willingham as soon as possible for pitching. Pitching, pitching, pitching. No such thing as too much. 

I also think managers who stick around too long get stagnant. Baseball teams can benefit from new managers with a new approach. I think George Steinbrenner was correct: Fire managers early and often. 

I would make an exception for Tom Kelly, Jim Leyland, Joe Torre, Sparky Anderson, Joe Maddon, Earl Weaver and maybe a few others. 




President Obama had a very successful trip to the Mideast. Is anybody even watching? Or do we have to start a war before anybody feels like we are accomplishing something? And what about the snakes who claimed, without one ounce of evidence, that Obama was "sympathetic" to Islamic extremists--do they find evidence for their fantasies in this trip? Or does it bore them because they don't want to see evidence of Obama's pragmatism, moderation--and, above all, plain old competence?