Archive - Apr 1, 2013


Tigers 4 Twins 2

Thus starts what promises to be a long, excruciating season for Twins fans. Tigers' starting pitcher Justin Verlander was his ornery self. The Twins' attempt to mount a rally against the Tigers' relievers after Verlander was removed was thrwarted when Chris Parmelee swung and missed two fastballs in the dirt. I can understand swinging at curveballs in the dirt, as you might have been led to believe that they were going to stay elevated. But low fastballs? They start low and aren't going to get any higher. Swinging at them indicates you made up your mind to swing at anything before pitch left the pitcher's hand. And that is not a sound baseball decision, especially with the bases loaded and the count in your favor. The Twins could have walked their way back into the game, but Parmelee's eagerness prevented that. 

Joe Mauer had two nice hits and a third, a squibber, which might have been called a hit but was ruled an error. Everybody else looked pretty shabby, including rookie center fielder Aaron Hicks, who probably won't start hitting until the Twins get to hit against weaker pitchers. He was overmatched against the excellent Verlander. 

Watching the MLB network, I get this feeling that the Twins have been left behind. I hope I am wrong. But there are so many hot-shot pitchers out there throwing flames. Every team seems to have a couple––except for the Twins, who have nobody. 


Another complaint, while I am at it: There is no reason for the baseball season to open in Minnesota. Put the Twins on the road for two weeks until the weather gets better. The fans were freezing today. 

On the positive side, I did think Worley did pretty well in his Twins' debut. I look forward to seeing him pitch this year. He's not a flame-thrower, but he has a fighter's approach, which alone separates him from Blackburn, Liriano, Slowey, Baker, Capps and the rest of the the unlamented departed uninspired mediocrities.