Archive - Apr 11, 2013


Playing it safe

After viewing the weather for an hour and finding the conditions on I-94 less than optimal, I decided to get a hotel room. Bonanza! The Hilton had a room for $68. So, I have been toodling around downtown Minneapolis today. I ate at my favorite restaurant downtown, Zelo, and am now enjoying my 15th floor view of the snow removal operations in the city. I do like to be around the activity. Spent the afternoon at Barnes and Noble on Nicollet and had the pleasure of watching an 80-year-old woman tear into a young cell phone user who was disturbing the entire second floor of the store. "You are rude!" she said. "You have no manners!" She was right. And the young man shut up in shame, as he should have. Nice suit nonwithstanding, he was being a jerk. He blushed as she tore into him, so at least he had some shame. 

Slush bound

After two days in the Twin Cities, I was to drive home this afternoon. However, things look nasty in central Minnesota, and I have no desire to push things. I might just stay over. Like a cat, if I am in, I want out, if I am out, I want in: I thought about staying down here a bit, but now that it is forced upon me, I find I want to forge my way home. Stupid impulses. 

This morning was a slush fest as I struggled to a meeting. Got there 1/2 hour late. Then found a Tibetan restaurant on Nicollet Ave. with a parking space out front. Ordered some pork noodle soup, which was outstanding. Fresh veggies in a broth with strips of grilled pork. Very healthy, I am allowing myself to imagine.

Last night, met my cousin and her partner at a Thai place in the Seward neighborhood. We said hot, and they spiced it up! I think it cleared my chest, which was still rattling.

Earlier in the day, I dropped of a friend in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood. I had never been there, either. So many little neighborhoods to explore in the Cities. 

Traffic has been bearable. I think the Minneapolis freeway system is engineered a little funny: I don't know anywhere else where you compete with traffic merging onto the freeway for a hundred yards as you try to exit the freeway. It gets stressful. 

This morning, I cleared the snow of the car, got on the freeway and immediately pulled all the way to the left because I knew I would be on that route for quite a while. However, when it came time to slide right, I found out I hadn't cleaned off the right rear-view mirror. I couldn't see a thing to my right. So, I just signalled and waited for a horn to honk.

One hour on the streets this morning. That's enough for now. I am drinking coffee at the Dunn Bros. coffee shop on N. Washington, trying to decide where to go next.