Archive - May 23, 2013


Good grief

Notice how this wonderful woman deals with the sick grief-mongering reporter in this video which is now making the rounds. "Oh, I know exactly what happened," the woman says as the reporter shamelessly angles for tears, or at least some self-pity. 

Then we have a story from Grand Forks where a high school student was killed in a motorcycle accident. The accident is news. This is not. Grief is not news. Interviewing the grieving and turning their grief into a news story is mawkish yellow journalism.

Voter Fraud is a Fraud

The Ohio Secretary of State ordered that any suspicious ballot out of the 5.6 million cast in Ohio be investigated. They found only 135 suspicious ballots, and those votes weren't organized in favor of one party or another. The entire notion that there is massive voter fraud is false. Republicans used the fear of fraud to introduce voter ID measures designed to decrease voting amongst minorities and the very old, as well as college students. It was a cynical, diabolical ploy to win elections by denying people they don't like the right to vote. These facts were known all along, but the Republican propaganda machine ginned up the voter ID issue to the extent that many of their more gullible followers still think voter fraud is an actual problem. 

Another point: Of the 135 suspicious ballots cast in Ohio and the 110 cast in the Franken/Coleman contest, another election where every ballot and registration was studied, not a single one of the wrongly cast ballots would have been prevented by the proposed voter ID measure. 

People who supported this measure were duped. There is no rational basis for voter ID laws beyond what we have now. And it is unconscionable to deliberately make it more difficult for minorities, the poor and the elderly to vote.