Archive - May 9, 2013


Bigotry in the halls of power

Please read this article about the experience of a woman with dark skin at the White House Press Correspondent's dinner. I hear people so often say there is no bigotry any more, that it is all in people's imagination. The assertion is so insanely false--just ask anybody with brown skin for a story--but people continue to insist that they know better than those who actually have experienced the bigotry. That is offensive. Denying the experience of people is always offensive. And treating people in this manner is sick. 

On the positive side, the Minnesota House today voted in favor of marriage equality. In my opinion, the whole matter should have been decided by a low-level clerk in some office in St. Paul years ago. But no, we have to have two years of political circus. Now, it will be forgotten. In two years, completely forgotten.