Archive - Jun 23, 2013


Tonsil adventure, cont.

After a pretty painful night, I decided to go onto the internet and see what other people who have had adult tonsillectiomies have experienced. I found I am well within the range of normal. Two weeks is the minimum amount of time to return to any form of normality. I had thought a person should be all healed up by then. Nope. 

Peak pain hits about five-seven days in, which is where I am at now. The main problem comes when the painkiller wears off. It is a production just to get the new dose down. 

On the internet boards, several females have said they'd rather go through childbirth again than an adult tonsillectomy. At least this gives me comfort that I am not some sort of wimp when I curl up and grab at my head after swallowing. 

I have had no complications whatsoever, just pain. 

Yesterday, I talked quite a bit as I am wont to do. Today, I am going to stay utterly quiet. 

Lance continues to make Jello, which is the most wonderful thing on earth. Even tap water is abrasive by comparison. Popsicles are a dream.

No danger of getting hooked on the narcotics. Their effects, other than cutting the pain, are deleterious. Scatteredness of thought. Bad dreams. Weird sleep patterns. Disorientation. I can't imagine waiting on a street corner to pay for the privilege.