Archive - Jun 29, 2013


Quick trip

I was getting so restless sitting around waiting for my throat to improve that I decided to jump in the car and go to the Cities for a couple of days. My main goal was to take in a Twins game. I ended up attending two. The first, on Thursday evening, was a good Twins win. The second, Friday evening, was a long, drawn out affair with rain delays which the Twins lost.  

My attempt to run from the post-surgical discomfort and pain by driving five hours and attending a game could have back-fired. In the end, it worked very well. The drive and the game distracted me. It also tired me out so I slept better than I had for two weeks. During the day, I walked and walked and walked around downtown Minneapolis. 

The best part: I didn't talk. Talking hurts. So, I thought by traveling alone I would shut myself up. It worked. I came home today almost feeling normal. On the trip, I ate solid foods like normal. So, pretty soon I may be normal!