Archive - Jul 4, 2013


July 4

No fireworks here. Too many mosquitoes!

What a beautiful, quiet day on the farm. The nursery was tranquil. The flower beds are getting beautiful. This is why we live here, for these next dozen weeks. The sun will be up plenty long, even though the days are getting shorter. All the noise of spring has calmed down. There is lots to do and time to do it. 

Now that our road is tarred again after two miserable years of gravel, I love to ride bike on the tar and just cruise around slowly, watching the birds, the wildlife, and hearing the crickets and frogs. It is a lovely time of year, this short time before wheat harvest begins. 

A few nights ago, a fawn left its mother's side and charged me as I sat stopped on my bike. It went right under the right handlebar and stopped four feet later, before trotting off, its mission apparently accomplished.

The corn is waist high by the Fourth of July. For some reason, the field corn is vigorousand dark green, but many people are complaining, including Dad, that the sweet corn is wimpy and slow. 

The Garden Hills berry farm just down the highway is selling strawberries like mad. They are luscious. 

And the grass needs mowing twice per week, which is about right. I have been doing a little mowing, which has always been a favorite chore. Dad still has a monopoly on the cultivating, however, which is just fine.