Archive - Aug 1, 2013


The other side

Aunt Olive was in fine spirits yesterday when I stopped. We had coffee and banana cake. Very good. Elvis, the nursing home dog, arrives like clockwork five minutes after the snack wagon. By then, I had eaten all the banana cake. Olive dug up some graham crackers, and he was satisfied.

Olive was speculating as to the source of her nightly strokes. She is following in the footsteps of her older brother Roy, she claims. He had several strokes before he died. I pointed out that Olive has already outlived him by thirty years. 

"I have been so many places!" Olive said cheerfully after reciting some of her trips. "I should be ready to die any time!" 

Then she got contemplative. 

"Of course, you wonder what is on the other side," she said. "There's just no way of knowing."

"No use worrying about that," she said, and we moved on to other topics. 

Francis upsets apple cart

I like this guy more and more. Read through the article. Who sounds Christ-like and who sounds like a bunch of prissy Pharisees? 

It is so obvious it is painful! I hope Francis shakes up the whole rotten edifice of the Catholic Church to its core. Look at what his statement, "Who am to judge?" did to the old guard. It undercut every judgemental, stale, dogmatic stick-in-the mud in the church. And he won't recant. And the effect of his statement will only grow with its repetition. 

I am not Catholic, but Francis is fun to watch.