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These Scotch pine trees, two left out of a row which one contained a dozen, are my favorite. Such character. 


Here is a close-up of the New Guinea impatiens planted around the base of the pine. They are about 30 inches high. The blooms on the New Guineas are especially luminescent. 


The late evening sun hit the marigold bed nicely. Kae designed and planted this bed. She likes bright colors, whereas Joe likes subdued hues. I am with Kae!

petunia tower.jpg

Open House

open house picture.jpg 

The open house at the gardens has come and gone. It was a big day with a lot of people. We performed twice in the peat building, adding even more family members from last year. I am on the left, Joe is next, then his wife Kae; in the purple is Mom, then sister Tracie, and finally Dad on the string bass. 

Kae worked hard to learn "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young, which she sang in a duet with Joe. The toughest words were "Hollywood" and "Redwood." Ls and Rs are not in the Thai language. When it came time to sing "redwood," Kae said "rrrrrrrredwood" and looked at me with a big grin. She's not just a good sport, she's a spectacular sport. 

Dad picked up the string bass three years ago at age 73 and has become proficient, thanks in part to long hours of practice with an iPad. Tracie picked up the violin for the first time in 25 years last Thursday and brushed up enough to be on stage Saturday. Mom has a gift for harmonizing and sang "Only You" with Joe. 

So, for the first time since childhood we had our entire nuclear family on stage, plus Kae. Lance joined for a final number, but for next year, he is going to work up a couple of tunes. 

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Many people came in the morning and stayed all day. Joe gave tours of the gardens, which are in top notch condition. 

People are still free to come and visit the gardens at any time of day, any day of the week, with the caveat that we aren't always going to be around. Sometimes just to get things done I have to drive through the yard without stopping and not look either way for I know there will be somebody there I know and if I stop, it will take me an hour longer to get to town. Now, if I were twenty years older I wouldn't care, but I am still in that stage of life where getting something done is important to my sense of worthiness.