Archive - Aug 16, 2013


An electronic birthday

Yesterday was my 49th, and was celebrated by driving to Stillwater to do a reading at an art gallery in an old Victorian house here. It was fun. What was even more fun was that, due to Facebook, my college roomate from Bible college days saw I was reading only a few miles from his house and showed up with his partner. We went out to a Carribean restaurant on the St. Croix river that they partly own.

Lance takes pride in his ability to withstand the hottest food possible, so the waitress brought him some fiery chicken wings which have a sauce made from "ghost pepper," apparently the hottest ever. The restaurant and its hot sauces were featured on a national TV show. The clip is here.  

Lance was defeated. He couldn't take the heat this time. I tried just a tiny nibble. Wrong move. Lance warned me. It was awful. But the rest of the food, moderately flavored and BBQed, was spectacular. 

Another highlight of the day: I got 175 Facebook greetings! That is like getting 175 cards in the old days. Of course it takes all of three seconds to send the greeting and it is free, but still, I enjoyed hearing from so many people. 

Included in the greetings were a recorded version of Happy Birthday from Kae, who is with Joe in Michigan. Very sweet.