Archive - Aug 31, 2013


Thunderheads, cont.

 Here are links to larger photos. The weblog tends to favor verticle pictures, and I do like wider landscapes. So, we'll link to same bales, some more bales, some more bales, a wheat field, Faaberg Lutheran Church from a distance, some geese, and a cloud rising out of the horizon.

And a soybean field

Prairie Mountains


This thunderhead, according to radar, was at this time over Duluth, 180 miles to the east.


It was difficult to capture all of this on camera as the clouds were about seven times as wide as this depicts.


In the gardens, Dear Leader's funeral pyre finally had an appropriate backdrop. 


The corn got a new lease on life with the rain two days ago. 


This was taken one mile north of the nursery behind the old Clinton Swenson place. Sadly, Clinton, a grand old neighbor, passed away yesterday. 


Faaberg Lutheran Church, Rindal.