Archive - Sep 27, 2013


Vancouver to home

Busy day. Awoke before dawn in Vancouver and started the liturgy of getting home. Pack. Starbucks. Check out of hotel. Rush to the airport in morning traffic. Today it was raining, in more typical Vancouver fashion. Turn in the rental car. I forgot to fill the gas, so they got me over the barrel on that one. The nice man who took the car charged me 1/2 of what they usually would for not filling before returning the car. Printing boarding passes. Security. Boarding. Flight. Get to Winnipeg. Collect baggage. Pay for parking. Weave through Winnipeg to find the Pembina Highway south. Endure the staged arrogance of border patrol. "Why Vancouver? What sort of conference was this? Why are you interested in this? Who owns this car?"  

I will have completely nostalgic memories of Vancouver. What a cozy, beautiful city. 

And, it is good to be home.