Archive - Sep 28, 2013


Rainy fall day

We must have had nearly two inches of rain in the past twenty-four hours. It was one of those fall weather patterns where a bunch of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico comes north and meets a cool front from Canada. 

The rain is welcome for the long-term. 

Tomorrow, we are celebrating Aunt Olla's 102nd birthday with a small party at the new assisted living attached to the Fertile Hilton. I will have pictures and commentary sometime during the week. 

However, the big news today is that brother Joe and his bride Kae found hundreds upon hundreds of edible Shaggy Cap mushrooms in our yard. I went and got a few today, cooked them up with chicken and perslane and had a great meal. 

I am reading The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Read it if you can. We are being killed by processed food. The facts are incontravertible. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other problems which are prevalent in the USA but absent elsewhere are directly caused by our food supply. If you think this is nuts, go do some research. Our diets are what are making this nation fat and unhealthy, pure and simple. And our diets are planned by corporate entities who have no interest in our health. 

A handful of easy hints which are undebatable: 

•Eat grass fed beef, pork, lamb and chicken. 

•Don't ever drink pop

•Grow your own whenever possible

•Pay extra for local foods

•Pay extra for locally grown meat

Do I sound like some sort of hippie? 


If you buy the processed crap at the supermarket, you are basically eating petroleum mixed with corn, maybe run through a sick cow who needs antibiotics because it gets sick on an all-corn diet, a cow who, when it gets slaughtered at 18 months of age, has a liver full of abscesses from eating an unnatural diet of corn, cow blood and antibiotics. 

Our food supply is really sick, don't you doubt it for a moment.