Archive - Sep 3, 2013



Here is a good recording of the great organ at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Louis Vierne, the composer of the piece, was organist there for many years. 

Read how Vierne fulfilled a life-long dream and died on the E-flat. 

Just listen to the first few seconds to get a feel for the anger and frustration that he poured out in some of his works. For more of the same, troll ahead to 4:45. This is a great example of a piece that was written for a particular instrument (this Cavaille-Coll organ) and falls flat on anything less. 

It was quite a day when I went into Notre Dame cathedral eleven years ago. First, I looked up at the massive rose window, a moment that caused me to gasp. One of those Grand Canyon moments. Unforgettable. Then, the organ sounded. I could have died happy right then. 

While you have the volume up, try out this recent spine-tingling version of the Welsh national anthem sung at a rugby match--a much better recording than I have posted previously. 

Oh, I found more! Here are the national anthems sung before a rugby match between England and South Africa. Stick around for the beautiful South African anthem.